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Cichlids Due In Soon

Due to land in a few weeks,First come first served,Only 10 peaces of each booked in.

Will be on website tomorrow with full catch location and generation information.

If you wish to purchase before they go live please message the team or email

Vieja Argentea 1.5″ £18Vieja Maculicauda 3″ £20

Ex Cichlasoma Beani Rio Esquinapa 1-1.5″ £20Ex Cichlasoma Beani Rio Camalote 2″ £25Ex Cichlasoma Beani Rio Panuco 2-2.5″ £25Ex Cichlasoma Salvini Usumacinta 3-3.5″ £20Ex Cichlasoma Salvini Pantanos de Centla 2-2.5″ £20Ex Cichlasoma Salvini Rio Champaton 2″ £18

Astatheros Rostratus F1 2-2.5″ £18Astatheros Macracanthus F1 2″ £35

Caquetaia Umbriferum Black 2″ £20Caquetaia Umbriferum Rio Magdalena 2-2.5″ £25Caquetaia Krausii 3-3.5″ £25

Hericthys Deppi 2″ £25Hericthys Minckleyi 1″ £25Hericthys Turquoise Tapahua 2.5-3″ £30Hericthys Carpintis Rio Hondo 4-5″ £40Hericthys Tamasoapensis 2″ £25Hericthys Bocourti 2″ £20 Hericthys Bartoni 1.5-2″ £25Herichtys Pantosictus “Taniul” F1 2″ £25Hericthys Labridens White Pame 2″ £25Hericthys Yellow Labridens “Media Luna” 1.5″ £25Herichthys Cyannoguttaus 3-4″ £25

Theraps Lentiginosum 1.5″ £30Theraps Irregularis 1.5″ £30


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