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Predator Aquatics Ltd STOCKLIST

Here at predator aquatics we pride our selves in quality stock from all corners of the globe wether it be for your average fish keeper to monster fish keepers with tropical ponds!

Below is just a glimpse into some of our offerings!

Visit our website or telephone us on 01925 271 352

Located in Newton-Le-Willows, northwest

Zebra DanioCarinotetraodon travancoricus (Dwarf puffer)Talamancaheros underwoodi F1Rasbora trilineata: Scissortail RasboraHerichthys carpintisMetynnis hypsauchenThorichthys pasionis (Black gullet cichlid)Andinoacara stalsbergi F2Tomocichla Tubas (F1)Heros sp. ‘rotkeil’ (Redneck Severum )Paratheraps sp. CoatzacoalcosTetraodon fahakaRoyal Farlowella CatfishTrichopodus leeriiFemale Crown tail BettaPseudomystus HeokhuiiStrawberry Red Peacock CichlidBoeseman’s RainbowfishThorichthys meeki (Firemouth cichlid)Etroplus suratensisVieja Melanura (F1)Mayaheros Beani F1Pimelodus PictusCichla ocellaris (peacock bass) 3″Nandopsis TetracanthusTomocichla Tubas (F1)Cribroheros robertsoniHypsophrys Nicaraguenses (F1)Amphilophus trimaculatus F1amatitlania Siquia (F1)Rocio octofasciata (Jack Dempsey)Silver ArowanaParatilapia polleniVieja Fenestratum (F1)Amatitlania Myrnae (F1)Parachromis DoviiCryptoheros sajica (T-bar Cichlid)Datnioides Sumatra tigerXanthic Parachromis doviiMarble Fenestratus (Paratheraps fenestratus “Marble sp.”)Amatitlania Nigrofaciata (convict cichlid)Thin Bar Silver DollarAmatitlania Nigrofaciata Xanthic (convict cichlid)Danio Albolineatus (Pearl Danio)Xingu King Tiger Pleco L066Cribroheros bussungi (F1)Neetroplus nematopus (F1)Silver DollarCribroheros Altifrons (F1)Cribroheros Alfari (F1)Clown Pleco L104Mixed grade Red TexasAndinoacara coeruleopunctatus (F1)Large Chromobotia macracanthusCichla Kelberi (peacock bass) 2-2.5″Mixed grade King KamfaMixed grade Super Red DragonNeolamprologus Bridhardi AlbinoAmphilophus citrinellus (Midas cichlid)A grade Red TexasIridescent shark (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) 3.5″Cichla piquiti (peacock bass) 2.5-3″Trichopodus trichopterusLARGE Rocio octofasciata (Jack Dempsey)Black Diamond Hybridspotted silver dollarPeckoltia vittata L015L128Mixed grade Fireman’s DreamSatanoperca AcuticepsL264 Leporacanthicus joselimaiBD X Henli RaysHarlequin Lancer Catfish 8″Chilli Red ArowanaPseudacanthicus sp. L114The ‘Kokster’ Firemans DreamAsterophysus batrachus (Wc)Red Texas (SRT) 3″ – RT4Red Texas (SRT) 3″ – RT5Red Texas (SRT) 3″ – RT7Red Texas (SRT) 3″ – RT9Super Red TexasFiremans Dream, King KamfaSuper Red Dragon MaleRed Platinum MaleRed Platinum MaleSnow White Flowerhornthai Silk FlowerhornPanaque SuttoniThe ‘Kokster’ Firemans DreamFiremans Dream Female

  • Borron Road, Newton-le-Willows, England, United Kingdom
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