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What is Aqua Deal?

Aqua Deal is a free online marketplace where you can buy and sell your fish, invertebrates, corals and more locally and all for FREE

We offer a unique search function so you can discover whats in your area.

Why use Aqua Deal?

The website offers a completely FREE platform for you to buy and sell what you want, when you want. It's truly no strings attached.

We have made the site simple to use and allows buyers to look for items using our powerful search tool. We offer the ability to filter distance, category, price and keywords to make sure you get the most relevant ad's.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the best FREE online marketplace for hobbyists to list their unwanted or homebred fish and equipment safely and securely.

Our Platform

We have designed our system to be focused purely around animals, particularly aquatic. This means that we can make specific guidelines and checks to make it the safest and best aquarist marketplace.

There are automated systems that check the adverts and look for anything that doesn't comply with the guidelines laid out by the Pet Advertising Advisory Group. The Pet Advertising Advisory Group are an independent group made up of various members.